Tims Foundation to launch digital camp community as physical camps postponed due to COVID-19

Tim Hortons Foundation Camps is reimagining its summer camp programming for youth from disadvantaged circumstances with a comprehensive online experience that reinforces its focus on supporting them emotionally and developmentally through this challenging time. The launch of Tims eCamp is set for July 2020 and will serve as an alternative to the Foundation's physical camp experience which must be postponed until at least Fall 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As a leader in youth development, the Tims Foundation will leverage existing program curriculum, from their year-round School and Summer Programs, and reformat it for digital delivery.

"For the past 45 summers, we have proudly served youth from Tim Hortons communities with life-changing camp experiences," said Dave Newnham, President and Executive Director, Tim Hortons Foundation Camps. "This pandemic has made it increasingly challenging to safely plan and prepare for our in-person, overnight camp programs this summer. Until Fall 2020 at the earliest, we will be suspending all in-person programs and refocusing our efforts on this new, interactive, digital approach."

Tims eCamp will support youth in accessing the online programming through either connectivity or devices. With enhanced measures to ensure camper safety and security, Tims eCamp will introduce eCabins lead by trained facilitators that will guide group instruction and help campers cultivate positive connections with peers from their community. Campers who were registered to take part in physical camp this summer will be eligible to participate in the new Tims eCamp experience. Additional details and registration information will be shared with our camper families in the coming weeks.

Making the transition to the Tims eCamp approach possible is the ongoing support from Tim Hortons and Restaurant Brands International (RBI) who have committed to financially backstop the Foundation Camps. With this support, the Foundation can quickly pivot to innovate its programming while eliminating the need for summer layoffs among full-time salaried employees. Tim Hortons Camp Day, the Foundations largest annual fundraiser thanks to restaurant owners and guests, is an important piece of this support and Tim Hortons is committed to rescheduling it later this summer. Tims Foundation will also be working with the federal government to explore ways in which the recently expanded Canada Summer Jobs Program can support seasonal student eCabin counsellor roles.

"The Foundation Camps have been core to our Tim Hortons brand for decades and have been passionately supported by our restaurant owners, team members and guests. Now, more than ever, we are committed to support vulnerable youth from our communities who need our help the most," said Duncan Fulton, Chief Corporate Officer, Tim Hortons, and Chairman, Tim Hortons Foundation Camps. "The Tims family is grateful for the chance to continue our support for the Foundation, and all those they serve, during these challenging times. Acting to backstop operations, maintain jobs and support innovative new programing for campers is a privilege."

Guests can donate to support the development of Tims eCamp by visiting our website here or creating their own virtual fundraising event here.

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