Calling all sweet and savoury fans! Tim Hortons has just launched new breakfast sandwiches for guests across Canada featuring smoky honey bacon!

Each Smoky Honey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich includes Tims new and improved crispy double smoked bacon, which is topped with a sweet and savoury glaze made with 100 per cent Canadian honey. Guests can enjoy smoky honey bacon with a 100 per cent Canadian fresh cracked egg in a classic breakfast sandwich, a BELT, or in a breakfast wrap.

"We're always working on new recipes so we can treat our guests to some exciting and elevated breakfast menu items alongside the classics that they already know and love," says Tallis Voakes, Director of Culinary Innovation at Tim Hortons.

"The sweet taste of 100 per cent Canadian honey with our crispy double smoked bacon is such a deliciously perfect pairing and Canadians are going to love it."

Pair the new Smoky Honey Bacon Breakfast Sandwiches with a hot brewed coffee or one of Tims refreshing cold beverages like an Iced Latte, a Caramel Toffee Cold Brew or a Sparkling Quencher in Blackberry Yuzu or Orange Ginger.